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Cottages and Seasonal Homeowners

Call Niagara Insurance Brokers for Competitive Cottage Insurance

Understanding your insurance needs for primary and secondary residences can be complicated. It’s not always easy to know what levels of insurance you might need for a primary, versus a secondary residence.
When you live in a cottage or seasonal home for part of the year, there are certain insurance considerations that you must make. What happens if your primary residence is damaged while you are living at your seasonal residence? Will you have the same property and liability coverage levels at your seasonal home?

The experienced team at Niagara Insurance Brokers can help you by untangling these messy, oftentimes complex considerations. Our team works with a large number of clients in the Niagara Region who travel to cottages and seasonal homes for part of the year. With our expertise and experience, we’ll make sure that you find the perfect coverage for both of your homes.

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